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Special Opportunity: Google has offered a free online course entitled Power Searching With Google. They offered this course a few years ago and it is now available again. It has tips that you never thought about. If you’re interested, begin the course by clicking here. 

Announcement: For those of you who log on regularly I’m sure that you have noticed some neat, if not subtle, changes here on Lee’s Tech Stuff.

  •  Menus on longer pages have been created to make it easier to access specific topics and then be able to quickly return to the top of the page again.
  • All news article links have been rearranged so that the latest articles are now at the top of each page, thus making the latest news available more quickly accessible.
  • New pages have been created, such as All Things Google, All Things Networking, Miscellaneous News, and All Things Browsers, while a few less popular menus have now gone by the wayside.
  • As with all web sites, Lee’s Tech Stuff is a work in progress. Changes, some big and others small, occur regularly. I hope that you like the new features. Let me know what you think. I sincerely welcome your feedback.

Most importantly, let me say to each and everyone who visits my site that you have no idea how much I appreciate your presence and your visits. I work diligently to bring you information that can benefit you in some way and also be informative at the same time. I am truly grateful for your patronage and feel very fortunate indeed for your presence here. Thank you! —- Lee Keller

Quote of the Week

“If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk.” – Robert Baden-Powell

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