All Things Browsers

September 2017

How to use Firefox’s Master Password feature (09/18/17)

Microsoft Edge shows two search bars (Bug) (09/16/17)

Chrome 64 will block autoplaying media with sound (09/15/17)

Microsoft Edge use doubles in a year (according to Microsoft) (09/14/17)

Google: Timeline for distrusting all Symantec Certificates in Chrome (09/13/17)

Firefox 57: disable highlights on the new tab page (09/13/17)

Why Opera VPN isn’t the mobile security solution you should be using (09/12/17)

Chrome 63 notifies you of Man-In-The-Middle issues (09/11/17)

Firefox 57: Search bar off by default (09/09/17)

The 10 must-have Safari extensions of 2017 (09/08/17)

Remove Firefox address bar white space (09/08/17)

Google Chrome 61 is out (09/06/17)

Opera 49 comes with Easy Setup Mode (09/05/17)

Top web browsers 2017: Microsoft returns to losing ways (09/05/17)

Firefox get a new headless mode (09/01/17)

Mozilla is desperately needed to save the web, but does it stand a chance? (09/01/17)

August 2017

The 12 must-have Firefox add-ons of 2017 (08/30/17)

Firefox WebExtensions may be used to to identify you on the internet (08/30/17)

How to mute all sites in Firefox (08/30/17)

How to change the default browser in Windows (08/28/17)

How to delete Chrome’s browsing data super quickly (08/28/17)

Chrome: Launch sites in borderless windows (08/27/17)

10 Browser extensions to keep you safe of the web (08/25/17)

Mozilla plans to collect anonymous Firefox browsing data (08/22/17)

Microsoft promises speed boost for Edge in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (08/19/17)

Sort bookmarks add-on for Firefox (08/18/17)

Mozilla nears finish line for 64-bit Firefox transition (08/17/17)

How to use Firefox Send for secure file sharing (08/17/17)

Thunderbird 52.3.0 is out (08/17/17)

All-in-One Sidebar developer announces death of Firefox add-on (08/17/17)

Google Chrome under attack: Have you used one of these hijacked extensions? (08/16/17)

Find out which sites are slowing Firefox down (08/15/17)

How to use Vivaldi’s Page feature for a better browsing experience (08/14/17)

How to enable or disable Firefox’s new Screenshot tool (08/12/17)

Vivaldi 1.11 improves accessibility features (08/10/17)

Opera 47 Stable improves usability (08/09/17)

Firefox brings VR to the browser with WebVR, joining Chrome and Microsoft Edge (08/09/17)

Firefox 55.0: Find out what is new (08/07/17)

How to reduce the memory footprint of Chrome with The Great Suspender (08/07/17)

You cannot downgrade Firefox 55 profiles (08/03/17)

Mozilla plans to add opt-out profile clean-up option to Firefox installer (08/03/17)

Firefox’s new tool lets you send self-destructing 1GB files from any browser (08/02/17)

July 2017

Concerned about browsing privacy? Here’s how to install Firefox Focus (07/31/17)

Chrome 60 Stable is out (07/26/17)

Firefox Voice Fill, Notes, and Send Experiments (07/26/17)

Firefox can open over 1,500 tabs in 15 seconds (07/24/17)

Which is the best browser? Chrome vs Firefox vs Microsoft Edge (07/24/17)

Firefox 56: Automatic 32-bit to 64-bit upgrade (07/22/17)

Firefox’s new WebExtensions Permissions update system (07/21/17)

Import bookmarks and other browsing data to Firefox (07/21/17)

10 Google search commands you need to know (07/21/17)

29 Hidden Chrome features that will make your life easier (07/21/17)

Here’s how Google’s Chrome browser does updates (07/17/17)

Pale Moon 27.4 is out (07/14/17)

Mozilla is held to a higher standard (07/13/17)

Google Chrome: password export and import (07/10/17)

Firefox add-ons WebExtensions State July 2017 (07/07/17)

How to master Google Chrome (07/07/17)

How to sync Vivaldi user data (07/06/17)

10 Tips to help you get the most out of Google Chrome (07/06/17)

How to disable animations in Firefox Photon (07/06/17)

Microsoft Edge use on Windows 10 declines in June (07/05/17)

Chrome keyboard shortcuts (07/03/17)