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April 2018

Google Fuchsia is not Linux: So, what is it and who will use it (04/12/18)

Google’s Wi-Fi connected school buses fill education gap for rural US students (04/03/18)

March 2018

Uncertified Android devices are now blocked from accessing Google services (03/28/18)

Hire by Google update helps recruiters find old candidates for new jobs (03/28/18)

Google unveils Chrome OS tablet for students, goes to war with iPad in education market (03/27/18)

Goggle rolls out new security features for Chrome Enterprise (03/15/18)

February 2018

Google announces availability of Hangouts Chat, new AI features in G  Suite (02//28/18)

Google adding, expanding offices in 14 states in $2.5B expansion (02/20/18)

Google releases Gmail Go app for low-memory Android devices (02/16/18)

The 2018 ultimate guide to Gmail backup (02/14/18) Webmaster: Outstanding article. Everyone who is diligent about backups should consider this a ‘must’ read. 

Google: We’re about ready to turn on Chrome’s partial ad blocker against disruptive ads (02/14/18)

Google paid $2.9M for vulnerabilities in 2017 (02/09/18)

January 2018

Google brings G Suite to the classroom with Enterprise for Education edition (01/24/18)

Google outspent any other company in lobbying for the first time (01/24/18)

Less than 10% of Gmail users employ two-factor authentication (01/23/18)

What happens when you upset Google (01/22/18)

Google builds three subsea cables as part of a $30bn cloud push (01/17/18)

Google launches professional IT certificate, 10,000 scholarships available (01/16/18)

Google: Our brilliant Spectre fix dodges performance hit, so you should all use it (01/12/18)

36 Fake security apps in the Googe Play store downloaded malware, stole data, tracked locations (01/05/18)

Google gets Fuchsia OS running on Pixelbooks (01/02/18)


All 2017

Google launching Android Oreo Go edition, helping connect emerging markets (12/05/17)

Android security alert: Google’s latest bulletin warns of 47 bugs, 10 critical (12/05/17)

Google launches Datally data savings app for Android (11/30/17)

Google for Jobs adds salary ranges, location filter to boost job search efficiency (11/15/17)

Phishing attacks, not breaches, represent the biggest security risk for Google users (11/10/17)

New Google file share app doesn’t require mobile data use (11/08/17)

San Antonio is about to be Google Fiber’s second market of 2017 (11/07/17)

Can you play Netflix on a Chromebook? (10/31/17)

What is a Chromebook? (10/18/17)

How Google Fiber launched in Louisville in just 5 months (10/18/17)

Google Home Mini spied on user ‘thousands of time a day,’ sent recordings to Google (10/11/17)

Google launches Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL: AI first phones for $649, $849 (10/04/17)

New Google hardware roundup: Pixel2, Pixelbook, Google Home Mini, and more (10/04/17)

Google Cloud ioT core hits public beta, offers management for millions of devices (09/27/17)

Google buys Bitium to bolster identity management in the cloud (09/27/17)

Google: There’s badness on the internet. But we’re shielding 3 billion devices from it (09/12/17)

Updated Google dashboard makes it easier to check privacy settings on mobile (09/11/17)

Google is killing off Drive sync client in March: Here’s what replaces it (09/08/17)

Google retires Google Drive software (09/07/17)

YouTube launches new design to a worldwide audience (08/29/17)

Google Home now lets you shop aWalmart using your voice (08/23/17)

Google unveils Android 8.0 Oreo, here are the phones that will get it first (08/22/17)

Google launches Chrome Enterprise, aims to integrate with more business systems (08/22/17)

Android O release date, name, & features: Google officially reveals Android Oreo (08/21/17)

Google Maps adds ‘Questions and Answers’ section (08/17/17)

Google Docs: This big update just added some serious new features (08/17/17)

Here’s Google’s new ad blocker: It’s just popped up in Chrome Canary on Android (08/01/17)


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Google Tips

April 2018

How to drag and drop notes from Google Keep to Google Docs (04/09/18)

March 2018

4 Tips to help you configure Google’s G Suite activity dashboard (03/29/18)

How to manage file versions in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides (03/14/18)

How to add more fonts to Google Docs (03/07/18)

February 2018

How to set up a Google Classroom to train students, employees, or anyone who wants to learn (02/21/18)

How to customize your Google Calendar notifications (02/14/18)

January 2018

How to extract text from a PDF or image in Google Drive (01/31/18)

How to turn off reminder ads in your Google account (01/26/18)

Top 5: Tips for getting the most out of Google Docs (01/25/18)

December 2017

How to track Microsoft Office changes in Google Docs (12/06/17)

All 2017

How to set up auto vacation responder in Inbox by Gmail (10/02/17)

How to use Google Chrome commands (09/29/17)

How to tweak your Google Calendar to make it easier to read (09/20/17)

How to Move/Copy mail from one Gmail account to another (09/07/17)

6 App updates that will supercharge your Google tools at work (08/16/17)

How to clear your Google search history (08/15/17)

The best Google Chrome extensions of 2017 (08/10/17)

42 Gmail tips that will help you conquer email (08/10/17)

How to enable ‘Undo Send’ in Gmail (08/08/17)

10 Popular Gmail tools that take the hassle out of email (08/05/17)

How to recover a forgotten Gmail password (08/02/17)

Google Backup & Sync (07/14/17)

Five secret tricks only serious Gmail ninjas need to know (07/10/17)

10 Tips to help you get the most out of Google Chrome (07/06/17)

How to speed up page load times with Google’s PageSpeed Insights (06/29/17)

How to use Snapseed for easier mobile photo editing (06/27/17)

How to remove geolocation information from a photo in Google Photos (06/26/17)

How to make the most out of the mobile Google Docs editing tools (06/12/17)

How to enable Chrome extensions in Incognito mode (06/05/17)

How to Move/Copy mail from one Gmail account to another (06/17/17)

How to take control of Chrome with its very own Task Manager (05/30/17)

Become a Google Chrome power user (05/14/17)

6 Tips to protect your G Suite account from phishing scams (05/08/17)

How to update Google Chrome (05/05/17)

How to manage cross-device syncing in Chrome (05/01/17)

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