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September 2017

Google: There’s badness on the internet. But we’re shielding 3 billion devices from it (09/12/17)

Updated Google dashboard makes it easier to check privacy settings on mobile (09/11/17)

Google is killing off Drive sync client in March: Here’s what replaces it (09/08/17)

Google retires Google Drive software (09/07/17)

August 2017

YouTube launches new design to a worldwide audience (08/29/17)

Google Home now lets you shop aWalmart using your voice (08/23/17)

Google unveils Android 8.0 Oreo, here are the phones that will get it first (08/22/17)

Google launches Chrome Enterprise, aims to integrate with more business systems (08/22/17)

Android O release date, name, & features: Google officially reveals Android Oreo (08/21/17)

Google Maps adds ‘Questions and Answers’ section (08/17/17)

Google Docs: This big update just added some serious new features (08/17/17)

Here’s Google’s new ad blocker: It’s just popped up in Chrome Canary on Android (08/01/17)

July 2017

Google to train 10M Africans in online tech skills, 100K as software developers (07/28/17)

Google invests $50M to help workers find jobs, improve training, boost job quality (07/27/17)

YouTube Video Editor and Photo slideshows being retired (07/21/17)

The secret to Google’s rock-solid security is now commercially available (07/19/17)

Google wants to make recruiting and hiring easier for SMBs with Hire app for G-Suite (07/18/17)

Google bolsters security to prevent another Google Docs phishing attack (07/18/17)

Google ‘pays academics millions to influence public opinion’ (07/14/17)

Google touts more responsive cloud services as it expands in Europe (07/13/17)

French court dismisses Google’s $1.1B back tax fine (07/13/17)

Google Backup and Sync is here: let’s take a look (07/13/17)

Google News Alternatives (07/10/17)

Google faces another record fine from EU-this time on Android (07/06/17)

Top 10 Hidden Google features (You’ve never heard of) – (07/01/17) Webmaster: YouTube 10 minute video; very interesting

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Google Tips

August 2017

6 App updates that will supercharge your Google tools at work (08/16/17)

How to clear your Google search history (08/15/17)

The best Google Chrome extensions of 2017 (08/10/17)

42 Gmail tips that will help you conquer email (08/10/17)

How to enable ‘Undo Send’ in Gmail (08/08/17)

10 Popular Gmail tools that take the hassle out of email (08/05/17)

How to recover a forgotten Gmail password (08/02/17)

July 2017

Google Backup & Sync (07/14/17)

Five secret tricks only serious Gmail ninjas need to know (07/10/17)

10 Tips to help you get the most out of Google Chrome (07/06/17)

June 2017

How to speed up page load times with Google’s PageSpeed Insights (06/29/17)

How to use Snapseed for easier mobile photo editing (06/27/17)

How to remove geolocation information from a photo in Google Photos (06/26/17)

How to make the most out of the mobile Google Docs editing tools (06/12/17)

How to enable Chrome extensions in Incognito mode (06/05/17)

May 2017

How to Move/Copy mail from one Gmail account to another (06/17/17)

How to take control of Chrome with its very own Task Manager (05/30/17)

Become a Google Chrome power user (05/14/17)

6 Tips to protect your G Suite account from phishing scams (05/08/17)

How to update Google Chrome (05/05/17)

How to manage cross-device syncing in Chrome (05/01/17)

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