Helpful Linux Resources


The Linux community has many sources from which you can obtain online resources. There is an abundance of help and knowledge represented in all of these locations.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a favored distribution of Linux. The Cinnamon desktop offers ease of use and smooth menu driven navigation between all screens. Linux Mint also offers far more applications that easily qualify it for a pleasant out-of-box experience for all users.

Linux Mint Forum

The Linux Mint forum is a community based forum that will afford you the best avenue to obtain answers to virtually every question to which you possibly need an answer. It’s a great source of knowledge and solutions.

Linux Mint Blog

You will find the monthly newsletter that will keep you up-to-date of all the latest happenings in the world of Linux Mint. A great source of information.

Linux Mint User Guide

User guides in downloadable .PDF format are offered for all desktop configurations available from Linux Mint. An excellent resource to obtain installation instructions and an overall view of Linux Mint.

Ubuntu Forums

If you are having difficulty with something in Ubuntu, the chances are really good that someone else has experienced the same issue and has the solution.

Ubuntu Support

This site offers paid support from Canonical, LTD, the company that is the parent of Ubuntu. If you want direct available support without having to wait for an answer to your question on a forum then you might want to avail yourself of this opportunity.

Ubuntu Help

Here you will find official, up-to-date documentation for each Ubuntu release.

Ask Ubuntu: Questions & Answers

Ask Ubuntu provides a platform for questions and answers about Ubuntu, how it works, and how to solve a problem.

If you plan on buying hardware to use with your Ubuntu or Mint Linux system, the following sites may be helpful in planning your expenditures. 

USB Devices known to be friendly to Linux

Scanner Access & Identification

Linux Documentation Project

A combination of Guides, How-To articles, and FAQs are offered for your review.

Over 50,000 items are available directly from the Mint and Ubuntu Software Centers. You should be able to find any desired software application at that location. There are other sites available but you must be sure that what you obtain from these alternate sources is compatible with Mint Linux or Ubuntu Linux.

Gizmo’s Freeware

Gizmo’s has been in business for many years and has the reputation of being a trusted site. They have many Linux programs to offer.

Linux Software

There are various Linux distributions, games, educational programs, and many others offered from this site.

A look at Windows alternatives in Linux

Lots of information in this article about Office Suites, Photo-editing software, music players, and more