LibreOffice News & Tips

Since LibreOffice is bundled with Linux Mint, Linux Ubuntu, and most other distributions of the Linux operating system I thought that it would be helpful to include a few facts and tips about this incredible productivity suite. The folks at The LibreOffice Document Foundation provide free of charge for anyone who needs a fully comprehensive package of productivity applications. These include:

  • Writer – word processor
  •  Calc – spreadsheet
  • Impress – presentation
  • Base – database
  • Draw – diagrams
  • Math – formula editor
  • Charts – chart creation module

This suite of productivity applications uses the default .ODT extension for all documents. It can also be easily configured to be completely compatible with all Microsoft extensions such as .DOCX for all Microsoft Word documents and  .XLSX for all Microsoft Excel documents. Impress, Base, and all others are also Microsoft compatible.

  • For a complete listing of full documentation, installation instructions, and much more go to LibreOffice.Org-Get Help.
  • LibreOffice is available for all Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
  • The LibreOffice Document Foundation also has a YouTube channel which offers many video presentations about updates, features, and tutorials. If you elect to subscribe to this channel you will receive via email notification of each new release. To view and subscribe to this channel go to YouTube The LibreOffice Document Foundation. 

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