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“Microsoft builds incredibly deep, powerful, and flexible software products that — before they see the light of day — must be infused with a level of unnecessary inconvenience, incomprehensible restrictions, and regressive policies such that all possible joy has been removed prior to customer contact.” — David Gewirtz

Linux Best Software Tips


Avoid Google Maps with GNOME Maps on GNU/Linux (04/14/18)

5 Best Feed Reader apps for Linux desktop in 2018 (04/11/18)

Krita 4 released digital painting program (03/30/18)

8 Best tools to access Remote Linux Desktop (03/05/18)

Tips & tricks for KDE5 Dolphin file manager (03/01/18)

BleachBit 2.0 Temporary file cleaner review (02/28/18)

Three essential tools for the GNU/Linux photographer (02/25/18)

A look at I-Nex – A CPU-Z like application for GNU/Linux (02/18/18)

Tutanota: Encrypted open source email service for privacy minded people (02/17/18)

Top 6 partition managers (CLI + GUI) for Linux (02/13/18)

Tools for GNU/Linux: Third-party screenshot utilities (02/09/18)

How to install VLC 3.0 in Ubuntu & other distributions (02/06/18)

Open Source CMS: 12 Great website creation tools (01/31/18)

6 Online tools for generating and testing CRON jobs for Linux (01/31/18)

How to install MIcrosoft Core fonts on Linux (01/26/18) Webmaster: This is a command line instruction. However, you can also go to the Ubuntu/Mint repository, download, and install from there.

OCS Store: One Stop Shop all of your Linux software customization needs (01/23/18)

How to install Skype 8.13 on Debian, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint (01/23/18)

Sayonara is a beautiful lightweight music player for Linux (01/10/18)

TLP – Quickly increase and optimize Linux laptop battery life (01/05/18) Webmaster: This is a command-line utility.

Linux for Kids – A list of best Linux distro for kids (01/04/18)

20 Free Open Source applications found in year 2017 (01/04/18)



Top 10 Microsoft Visio alternatives for Linux (12/26/17)

Top 20 GNOME extensions you should be using right now (12/03/17)

How to install TeamViewer in Linux [Step-by-step guide] (11/23/17)

WebMail Lite – Manage and download mails from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and others (11/09/17)

Take your Linux Desktop back to the Stone age with Ubo Icon Theme (10/18/17)

Franz combines all your Messaging Apps in a Single Application (10/16/17)

7 Best eBook readers for Linux (10/13/17)

Websites to find and download free and open source software (10/06/17)

Use the Linux Command tricks to save your time (09/30/17) Webmaster: This is a very good 6:02 minute YouTube video. 

Best PDF Editors for Linux (09/21/17)

Best free and open source alternatives to Adobe Products for Linux (09/19/17)

Mastodon: The Open Source alternative to Twitter (09/08/17)

Easily monitor CPU utilization in Linux Terminal with Stress Terminal UI (08/29/17)

Using GParted in GNU/Linux for beginners (08/28/17)

How to find duplicate files in Linux and remove them (08/27/17)

Bookworm: A simple yet magnificent eBook reader for Linux (08/21/17)

5 Best vector graphics editors for Linux (08/15/17)

11 Open source tools for writers (08/14/17)

Kalendar: A minimal calendar app for Linux (07/18/17)

The best free alternatives to Photoshop (06/15/17)

Standard Notes: An Open Source encrypted note taking app (06/12/17)

Best Comic Book readers for Linux (06/11/17)

ssh-chat – Make Group/Private chat with other Linux users over SSH (06/10/17)

Best GIF recorder tools for Linux in 2017 (05/15/17) – Webmaster: Tutorial for each application included 

The 8 Best free anti-virus programs for Linux (04/18/17)

rdiff-backup: A remote incremental backup tool for Linux (04/13/17)

Cloud Commander – Web file manager to control Linux file and programs via browser (04/11/17)

FreeFileSync – Compare and synchronize files in Ubuntu (04/03/17)

6 Music players for Linux that you might not have heard of (03/28/17)

5 Useful password generators for Linux (03/21/17)

6 Best PDF page cropping tools for Linux (03/11/17)

Smoothwall Express (02/24/17)

Get this stunning Ubuntu themed desk calendar (02/20/17)

WKHTMLTOPDF – A smart tool to convert website HTML page to PDF in Linux (01/28/17)

8 Best screen recorders for Linux in 2017 (01/22/17)

Install latest ‘Thunderbird’ email client in Linux systems (01/21/17)


Top 9 best email clients for Linux (12/29/16)

5 Most promising new Linux distributions to look forward in 2017 (12/29/16)

10 Best free and open source software programs (FOSS) I found in 2016 (12/27/16)

10 Top most popular Linux distributions of 2016 (12/26/16)

3 Useful GUI and Terminal based Linux disk scanning tools (12/21/16)

24 Must have essential Linux applications in 2016 (10/27/16)

The best Linux music players (10/05/16)

Top 10 Best Linux Games Released in 2016 (09/22/16)

6 Best Linux distros for educational use (09/03/16) — Excellent for new users

How to clone or backup Linux disk using Clonezilla (08/18/16)

New version of GParted (08/10/16)

5 Best calendar apps for Linux desktop (07/29/16)

Geary – A good looking modern email client for Linux (07/23/16)

Cumulus – A Real Time Weather App for Linux Desktops (07/23/16)

8 Best Screen Recorders for desktop screen recording in Linux (07/15/16)

A Guide to the Banshee Audio Player (07/13/16)

Top 5 Best Video Editing Software for Linux for 2016 (06/27/16)

6 Best E-mail clients for Linux systems (06/17/16)

6 Amazing Linux distributions for kids (06/16/16)

10 Best File Managers for Linux Systems (06/14/16)

Screenshots: Five easy-to-use tools to handle encryption on Linux (06/10/16)

5 Best Linux package managers for Linux newbies (06/09/16)

Finally there’s an open source drop-in replacement for MS Office (06/07/16)

7 Best IRC Clients for Linux (06/06/16)

Best Linux Photo Management Software in 2016 (05/26/16)

10 Best clipboard managers for Linux (05/16/16)

Top 5 best alternative Linux distributions for Windows 10 users (04/30/16)

16 Most used Microsoft Office alternatives for Linux (04/09/16)

Simplenote is now available for Linux Desktop (04/03/16)

6 Best PDF document viewers for Linux systems (03/29/16)

14 Outstanding backup utilities for Linux systems (03/28/16)

8 Best open source music making softwares for Linux 03/19/16)

5 Most frequently used Open Source Shells for Linux (03/18/16)

5 Tools to take or capture Desktop Screenshots in Ubuntu Linux (03/16/16)

8 Best video editing softwares I discovered for Linux (02/22/16)

How to track business or personal expenses using GnuCash in Linux (01/04/16)


12 Best open source text editors (GUI + CLI) that I found in 2015 (12/26/15)

12 Best open source text editors (GUI + CLI) that I found in 2015 (12/26/15)

15 Best Linux Photo/Image editors I discovered in 2015 (12/24/15)

20 Free open source software I found in year 2015 (12/14/15)

10 Best open source video players for Linux in 2015 (12/11/15)

Best Linux desktops: Top 10 candidates (08/18/15)

5 Easy-to-use tools to handle encryption on Linux (06/10/15)

Best photo applications for Linux (04/26/15)

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Linux Command Line Tips


The simplest way to make a LiveUSB from within GNU/Linux (04/19/18) Webmaster: Linux Mint & Ubuntu distros have a GUI for this that works great!

5 ‘Stat’ command examples for Linux newbies (04/09/18)

Using SS to monitor connections in GNU/Linux for new users (04/06/18)

10 ‘Who’ command examples for Linux newbies (03/17/18)

5 ‘Hostname’ command examples for Linux newbies (03/15/18)

How to save TOP command output to a file (01/29/18)

How to get domain and IP address information using the WHOIS command (01/02/18)


How to find a specific string or word in files or directories (12/07/17)

How to download and extract TAR files with one command (11/25/17)

How to test website loading speed in Linux terminal (11/24/17)

4 Tools to manage EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 Health in Linux (11/06/17)

10 Practical examples using wildcards to match Filenames in Linux (10/06/17)

11 Ways to find User Account info and Login details in Linux (09/22/17)

Rename all Files and Directory Names to lower case in Linux (09/16/17)

How to use ‘maybe’ to test Linux Commands (09/13/17)

30 Useful ‘ps Command’ examples for Linux process monitoring (09/11/17)

20 Linux command tips and tricks that will save you a lot of time (08/22/17)

A look at the nano text editor in GNU/Linux (07/22/17)

Difference between Apt vs. Apt-Get explained (07/09/17)

10 Useful ‘locate’ command practical examples for Linux newbies (04/25/17)

bd – Quickly go back to a parent directory instead of typing “cd ../../..” redundantly (04/15/17)

Who is Root? Why does Root exist? (02/11/17)

Download 6 best Linux command line cheat sheets for free (02/04/17)

How to free disk space on Linux systems (01/26/17)

How to run ‘sudo’ command without entering a password in Linux (01/25/17)

How to find number of files in a directory and subdirectories (01/17/17)

Set Date and Time for each command you execute in Bash history (01/14/17)

Learn the basics of how Linux I/O (Input/Output) redirection works (01/13/17)

Let Sudo insult you when you enter incorrect password (01/12/17)


10 Interesting Linux command line tricks and tips worth knowing (12/23/16)

How to get all the information you need about your Linux machine with a single command (12/21/16)

4 Ways to send email attachment from Linux command line (12/17/16)

My favorite command line editors for Linux (12/17/16)

How to copy a file to multiple directories in Linux (12/09/16)

9 Tools to monitor Linux disk partitions and disk usage in Linux (12/08/16)

Find out all live hosts IP addresses connected on Network in Linux (11/26/16)

Ways to use ‘Find’ command to search directories more efficiently (11/22/16)

How to recover a deleted file in Linux (11/09/16)

How to install security updates automatically on Debian and Ubuntu (11/05/16)

How to compress and decompress a .bz2 file in Linux (11/03/16)

3 Ways to extract and copy files fr0m .ISO in Linux (10/28/16)

How to check bad sectors or bad blocks on hard disk in Linux (10/26/16)

Hoto find out what version of Linux you are running (10/14/16)

Find Top 15 Processes by memory usage with ‘top’ in Batch Mode (07/27/16)

List Directory contents using the ‘DIR’ command (07/21/16)

Example uses of the Linux ‘Which’ command, also ‘LS’, ‘Whereis’, ‘PWD’, and ‘Rename’ commands (07/14/16)

How to Kill processes using Linux (07/14/16)

Example uses of the Linux ‘HOST’ command (07/07/16)

Basic Linux network commands you should know (06/21/16)

Perf – A performance monitoring and analysis tool for Linux (05/19/16)

How to connect to the internet using the Linux command line (05/10/16)

How to backup or clone Linux partitions using ‘CAT’ command (05/03/16)

The first five Linux command-line apps every admin should learn (04/27/16)

Tar vs. Async (04/11/16)

How to use ‘Cat’ and ‘Tac’ commands with examples in Linux (04/08/16)

Learn why ‘less’ is faster than ‘more’ command for effective file navigation (04/04/16)

Pro tip: Use the ‘ip’ command in favor of the deprecated ‘ifconfig’ (03/23/16)

Example uses of the Linux ‘CAT’ command (03/23/16)

8 ‘Parted’ commands to create, resize, and rescue disk partitions (02/01/16)

How to extract TAR files to specific or different directory in Linux (01/02/16)


How to use 8 useful ‘Debian Goodies Utilities’ to manage Debian packages (12/30/15)

5 Command line ways to find out Linux system is 32-bit 0r 64-bit (12/08/15)

How to find and kill running processes in Linux (11/17/15)

15 Linux terminal commands that will rock your world (09/22/15)

Earlier Command Line Tips

35 Practical Examples of Linux ‘Find’ command (07/08/12)

15 Basic ‘ls’ command examples in Linux (08/22/12)

50 Most frequently used UNIX/Linux commands with examples (11/08/10)

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Linux Desktop Tips


How to edit Linux drive mount point options using a GUI (04/04/18)

How to set up two-factor authentication in Linux (03/15/18)


Things you’ll need when seeking GNU/Linux support online (03/11/18

How to permanently disable SWAP in Linux (12/21/17)

How to view colored MAN pages in Linux (12/13/17)

How to install Fedora 27 alongside with Windows 10 or 8 in dual-boot (11/17/17)

How to install Firefox Quantum in Linux (11/15/17)

How to use GNOME Shell Extensions [Complete Guide] (11/08/17)

How to create hard and symbolic links in Linux (10/16/17)

How to delete old unused kernels in Debian and Ubuntu (09/07/17)

10 Ubuntu tips to make the open source OS work for you (08/31/17)

How to create and extract zip to specific directory in Linux (07/17/17)

How to move Home directory to new partition or disk in Linux (07/04/17)

7 Simple ways to free up space on Ubuntu and Linux Mint (06/04/17)

Linux backlight brightness keyboard shortcuts (04/18/17)

How to fix the slow apt-get update issue on Linux machines (01/13/17)


How to check Timezone in Linux (11/14/16)

How to count number of files and subdirectories inside a given directory (09/13/16)

8 Best and most popular Linux desktop environments of all time (08/31/16)

How to mount DVDs and CD-ROMs using Ubuntu (08/17/16)

6 Ways to Open a Ubuntu Application (08/18/16)

Linux tips: Using keyboard shortcuts (05/26/16) – Youtube video: Approx. 20 minutes in length

GNOME privacy options give users even more desktop security (04/29/16)

How to set or change System Hostname in Linux (04/14/16)

Verifying the integrity of Linux ISO images (03/10/16)

How to install Windows 10 in VirtualBox in Linux (02/16/16)

Slimjet: An alternative browser for Google Chrome on Linux (2/16/16)


20 Linux accounts to follow on Twitter (11/30/15)

Top tips for migrating from Windows to Linux (10/05/15)

Top tweaks for the Linux desktop (08/15/15)

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Linux Educational Sources

7 Ways to Learn Linux in a Structured Manner (07/07/16)

Webmaster: Almost all of these sources are free or very low cost. I recommend that you take a look at them if you’re serious about learning Linux.

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Linux Gaming Tips

30 Best Linux games on Steam you should play in 2017 (12/03/17)

Where to download best Linux games? (05/27/17)

Fantastic Linux games and where to find them (05/14/17)

10 Amazing Terminal based games for Linux enthusiasts (07/11/16)

9 Steam games your PC needs this holiday season (11/05/15)

Gaming on Linux explained (10/20/15)

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Linux Maintenance Tips


Things you’ll need when seeking GNU/Linux support online (03/11/18)


Backup your GNU/Linux system with Crash Plan (06/18/17)

How to determine and fix boot issues in Linux (06/16/17)

9 Useful commands to get CPU information on Linux (05/30/17)

How to restore deleted /tmp directory in Linux (04/27/17)


Use Task Manager Equivalent in Linux (06/29/16)

Slow SSD #1: Recover your Boot and Root (06/05/16)

How to scan for Rootkits, backdoors, and exploits using ‘Rootkit Hunter’ in Linux (05/31/16)

5 Best Linux distributions to recover dead computers data ( Linux Data Recovery) (05/08/16)

Most effective ways to reduce laptop overheating in Linux (01/07/16)


How to delete user accounts with Home directory in Linux (12/04/15)

How to repair & defragment Linux system partitions & directories (11/26/15)

How to easily defeat Linux Encoder ransomware (11/16/15)

Keeping Linux Clean (11/02/15)

Monitor laptop battery usage in Linux with Aptik Battery Monitor (09/29/15)

Earlier Tips

Why you don’t need an antivirus on Linux (and when you do) (01/29/13)

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Linux Mint Tips

Getting started with Linux Mint? Focus on these three tools (04/06/18)

Enhancing audio in GNU/Linux with PulseEffects in Linux Mint 18.3 (03/29/18)

How to install Linux Mint 18.x for someone else (03/11/18)

Five tiny features of LInux Mint Cinnamon I’ve come to love (02/25/18)

How to upgrade Linux Mint 18, 18.1, or 18.2 to 18.3 (12/04/17) Webmaster: This is an 18 minute Youtube video by Joe Collins, Linux consultant. Excellent!

How to install Linux Mint on your Windows PC (09/27/17)

How to upgrade to Linux Mint 18.2 “Sonya” (07/03/17) – YouTube video by Joe Collins – 17 minutes

How to upgrade to a new Linux Mint version (12/26/16)

How to install Linux Mint 18 alongside Windows 10 or 8 in Dual-Boot UEFI mode (07/18/16)

Things to do after installing Linux Mint 18 Sarah (07/30/16)

How to upgrade from Linux Mint 17.3 to Linux Mint 18 (07/16/16)

Installation Guide of Linux Mint 18 Codename ‘Sarah’ with Screenshots (07/04/16)

How to clean Linux Mint safely (05/05/16)

Linux Mint v17.3 Rosa – Cinnamon installation, review, & customization (03/30/16)

How to install Linux Mint on your Windows PC (02/03/16)

How to customize your Linux desktop: Gnome 3 (11/23/15)

How to customize your Linux desktop: Cinnamon (11/26/15)

10 Things to do first in Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon — and lots more (05/02/16)

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Linux Desktop Tutorial Tips


How to install Java 9 in Debian and Ubuntu systems (02/21/18)

How to check if your computer uses UEFI or BIOS (02/04/18)

How to install LibreOffice 6 on Linux (01/31/18)


How to install Arch Linux in 2017 [Step by Step Guide] (12/13/17)

5 Things to do after a fresh install of GNU/Linux (11/04/17)

Video: Here’s a look at Libre Office’s new interface options (11/02/17) Webmaster: Long, unrelated ad in the beginning with no way to squash. Patience. The tip is worth the wait!

How to create a bootable USB drive with multiple Linux distributions (11/02/17)

How to install multiple Linux distributions on one USB (10/02/17)

How to rescue, repair, and reinstall GRUB boot loader in Ubuntu (09/20/17)

FreeBSD installation guide (08/22/17)

10 Things to do after fresh installation of FreeBSD (08/22/17)

Using ‘apt’ commands in Linux [Complete Guide] (07/14/17)

How to upgrade to Fedora 26, and why you should do it (07/12/17)

How to create a Linux swap file (06/15/17)

How to load and unload Kernel modules in Linux (06/13/17)

Cron vs. Anacron: How to schedule jobs using Anacron on Linux (06/01/17)

Understanding Shutdown, Poweroff, Halt and Reboot commands in Linux (05/12/17)

Gnome Shell Workflow Tutorial (05/11/17) – 13 minute video by A. J. Reissig – Well worth viewing — 

How to delete HUGE (100-200GB) files in Linux (05/11/17)

How to manage TAR files in Linux (05/10/17)

How to install ClamAV with ClamTK UI in GNU/Linux (05/02/17)

10 Reasons why you should use the Vi/Vim text editor in Linux (04/19/17)

How to upgrade the Linux kernel with a handy GUI (04/12/17)

10 Ways to use GREP to search files in Linux (04/07/17)

An easy way to hide Files and Directories in Linux (04/05/17)

How to add a new disk larger than 2TB to an existing Linux (04/04/17)

How to add or remove PPA in Ubuntu using GUI and terminal (04/01/17)

All you need to know about processes in Linux [Comprehensive Guide] (03/31/17)

6 Free Linux training courses for everyone (03/30/17)

How to list files installed from a RPM or DEB package in Linux (03/30/17)

How to add a new disk to an existing Linux server (03/29/17)

5 Things to learn how to do in GNU/Linux via command-line (03/23/17)

Beginners Guide to the Bash Terminal (03/16/17) – Tutorial by Joe Collins —- Excellent!

How to upgrade Kernel to latest version in Ubuntu (03/06/17)

7 Ways to determine the file system type in Linux (Ext 2, Ext 3, or Ext 4) (03/04/17)

Getting started with PowerShell 6.0 in Linux [Beginners Guide (02/16/17)

Installing Linux Mint 18.1 Serena MATE edition 64bit (02/16/17) – Excellent article, highly recommend

How to backup and restore Linux with Timeshift (01/21/17)

How to verify Checksum in Linux [Beginners Guide] (01/11/17)


11 Advanced Linux ‘GREP’ commands on character classes and braket expressions (08/31/16)

Using APT-GET commands in Linux (A complete Beginners Guide (08/23/16)

Beginner’s Guide to Installing Linux Mint 18 (07/24/16)

Webmaster comment: This link is a YouTube video by Joe Collins. Excellent tutorial. Length: Approximately 1hr, 20 min. 

Explanation of “Everything is a file” and types of files in Linux (06/15/16)

Explained: Which Ubuntu should I use? (05/22/16)

Earlier Tips

Trying Linux for the first time: A beginner’s guide (10/14/15)

Using Brasero for data backup and .ISO burning (01/26/2010)

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Linux Ubuntu Tips


Fix Laptop doesn’t suspend after lid is closed on Ubuntu Linux (02/14/18)

How to install latest Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu (02/10/18)

Install XFCE on Ubuntu and turn it into XUbuntu (01/29/18)


Customize GNOME desktop with these tips in Ubuntu 17.10 (12/26/17)

How to install Firefox Quantum (beta) in Ubuntu right now (11/06/17)

How to show battery percentage in Ubuntu 17.10 (Quick tip) (11/02/17)

How to install Themes in Ubuntu 17.10 (11/01/17)

How to install and use Uncomplicated Firewall in Ubuntu (10/19/17)

9 Things to do after installing Ubuntu 17.10 (10/19/17)

Ubuntu MATE Customization [Complete guide] (04/08/17)

How to easily upgrade the Kernel in Ubuntu and Linux Mint (04/01/17)


Ubuntu wireless internet drop off fix (12/30/16)

How to install and remove software in Ubuntu [Complete Guide] (12/21/16)

How to install MATE in Ubuntu 16.04 and Fedora 22-24 workstations (09/09/16)

How to remove “Unity” and install Cinnamon and Mate desktop in Ubuntu (08/25/16)

How to install Snap packages on Ubuntu 16.04 (05/16/16)

Installation of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server Edition (04/23/16)

How to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS alongside with Windows 10 or 8 in dual boot (04/22/16)

How to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (04/21/16)

How to upgrade from Ubuntu 15.10 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on desktop & server  editions (04/21/16)

15 Examples of how to use New Advanced Package Tool (APT) in Ubuntu/Debian (04/15/16)

How to move the Ubuntu Unity panel to the bottom (03/08/16)

Things to do after installing Ubuntu v14.04 LTS & v14.10 (02/29/16)

Ubuntu v16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) installation guide (02/29/16)

How to install Cinnamon in Ubuntu v14.04 (02/13/16)

How to install Cinnamon in Ubuntu v14.04 (02/13/16)


Backup Plex for Ubuntu Reliably (11/10/15)

Enable automatic system updates in Ubuntu (09/15/15)

The best way to backup Ubuntu software (09/08/15)

How to manage start-up applications in Ubuntu (07/18/15)

Ubuntu v14.04 LTS Troubleshooting Guide (05/15/15)


How to install Skype in Ubuntu 14.04 (08/14/14)

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