Linux Training


Much has been written, pro and con, about Linux training and Linux tech support.  As my mentor and good friend, Joe Collins wrote on his YouTube channel, Linux is not a commercial product. It is, in fact, a community endeavor. This is a concept that will seem foreign to many, especially if you are accustomed to using Microsoft Windows or Apple products. However, for those who desire training on the use of Linux you only need to look as far as the internet that we have all come to cherish. Here are some sources that will definitely help you get started on a wonderful new adventure in the fantastic world of Linux.

Many of these resources are completely free. Others are offered at a very low cost. Linux training abounds! Support is also available in so many community forums that it would be impossible to list all of them. However, I will point you towards some of them to get you started. I truly hope that you find this information educational, helpful, and as exciting as I have!

Back to Basics by Mike Turcotte

Linux/Unix Tutorial for Beginners: Learn online in 7 days

Thanks go to Alex Nordeen of Guru99 YouTube channel fame for suggesting this link to us. This is an excellent free tutorial that is well written and structured so that the course material can be understood easily by anyone. Also be sure to log on to Guru99 for many of free tutorials on a wide variety of subjects. You won’t be sorry.

GCFLearnFree – Linux Mint Resources

This free tutorial contains full descriptions of all phases of Linux Mint and includes links to the official web site, community support forums, and tutorials.

GCFLearnFree – Ubuntu Linux Resources

This free tutorial contains full descriptions of all phases of Ubuntu Linux and includes links to the official web site, community support forums, and tutorials.

Introduction to Linux by The Linux Foundation 

This course will cover topics such as a good working knowledge of Linux, how to navigate through major Linux distributions, system configurations and graphical interface of Linux, basic command line operations, and common applications of Linux. This masters level course is free, self-paced, and excellent. I have successfully completely this course and found it to be very comprehensive. It will challenge you and is one of the best there is! 

Linux Tutorials  Offered by Protonic.Com

Protonic offers very nice tutorials which you can view online or highlight, copy, and paste into the word processing application of your choice for step-by-step instruction.

Joe Collins YouTube Linux Channel

Joe has focused his YouTube channel towards educational value for the novice Linux desktop user. His videos are usually 30 minutes in length and are highly informative. Also visit his web site, EzeeLinux. For those who have Facebook accounts you can find Joe there also. Excellent series of how-to videos by an extremely knowledgeable and qualified Linux consultant whom I consider my Linux mentor and friend. The very best there is!

8 Free Linux training courses for everyone

Some of these are just basic to introduce you to Linux while some can help you build a career with Linux. These courses are available worldwide cost-free. All you need is a decent internet connection and the determination to learn Linux.

Rant #3 – Live Naked Gnus – 2 cents

The title of this YouTube presentation on the EZnix channel is a bit misleading in regard to it’s appearance on the Linux Training page. EZ put this excellent video together in response to a very negative video posted a day or two ago about the Linux community overall. He has given us a wealth of different YouTube channels and web sites that provide free training, education, and information available to all on the topic of Linux. This 31 minute YouTube video is well worth your time to view. Take notes of the various sites that he mentions and be sure to subscribe to the channels that appeal to you the most. Really great video, EZ. Thank you so much!