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October/November 2017

Microsoft, too, has a core, unwritten mission statement, which I would describe as: “Microsoft builds incredibly deep, powerful, and flexible software products that — before they see the light of day — must be infused with a level of unnecessary inconvenience, incomprehensible restrictions, and regressive policies such that all possible joy has been removed prior to customer contact. — David Gewirtz

Windows News

November 2017

Microsoft to integrate third-party information into its Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Service (11/08/17)

10 Enterprise-friendly features in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (11/08/17)

October 2017

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro with LTE and 450 Mbps downloads out in December (10/31/17)

Microsoft discontinuesOutlook.Com Premium offer (10/31/17)

For Microsoft, the hybrid cloud is the destination, not a staging post (10/30/17) Webmaster: Oh-so-slowly, but surely, Microsoft will eventually do the same that Adobe and others have done. Everything will be in the ‘cloud’ as SaaS (Software as a Service) with only annual subscription access available. 

Microsoft to end free Windows 10 accessibility upgrade offer (10/30/17)

Microsoft makes another bid to be your default browser with EdgeHTML 16 (10/24/17)

Windows 10 security overhaul: Microsoft lays out the most important new features (10/24/17)

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update rollout: A progress report (10/23/17)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update leaves up to 30GB in installation files (10/20/17)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Top 10 new features (10/17/17)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Five promised features that are missing (10/16/17)

Can my machine run the Windows 10 Fall Creators update? (10/16/17)

Windows 10 breaches privacy, say Dutch regulators (10/16/17)

The following Office 2007 products are approaching end of extended support (10/12/17)

Microsoft just ended support for Office 2007 and Outlook 2007 (10/12/17)

Microsoft’s mystery update arouses anger, suspicion among Windows 10 users (10/12/17)

What is Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s big upgrade (10/11/17)

Microsoft may be planning price increases for Windows 10 (10/10/17) – Webmaster: If Microsoft implements the price increases noted in this article I suggest that you might want to look at Linux Mint. It does everything that the majority of computer users want or need and guess what? It’s free. For more information about Linux Mint, click here.

Microsoft: We’ll have two-thirds of Office users by fiscal 2019 (10/10/17)

Microsoft just bought all the electricity from this wind farm for 15 years to power cloud computing (10/09/17)

Microsoft plans to salvage the mobile market with new Android and iOS apps (10/09/17)

Beware: Update KB4046355 removes Windows Media Player (10/09/17)

Windows 10: If you’re still running this older version, it’s now time to upgrade (10/09/17)

Windows 10 Mobile: Microsoft just put the final nail in the coffin (10/09/17)

Google: Windows 10 patches put Windows 7 users in danger (10/06/17)

Windows XP Users: Your last supported refuge in Firefox ends in 2018, says Mozilla (10/05/17)

Microsoft will discontinue Groove Music Pass and music purchase (10/02/17)