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August/September 2017

Microsoft, too, has a core, unwritten mission statement, which I would describe as: “Microsoft builds incredibly deep, powerful, and flexible software products that — before they see the light of day — must be infused with a level of unnecessary inconvenience, incomprehensible restrictions, and regressive policies such that all possible joy has been removed prior to customer contact. — David Gewirtz

Windows 10 News

September 2017

Facing complaints, Microsoft adopts a kinder, gentler Windows 10 upgrade pace (09/20/17)

Windows 10 Dominator: another privacy tool (09/12/17)

Time to temporarily turn off Windows Automatic Update (09/11/17)

Windows 10 gets better security following Windows Defender ATP upgrade (09/08/17)

Microsoft confirms: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17, 2017 (09/01/17)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is heading your way from October (09/01/17)

August 2017

34% of Windows 10 devices still not updated to Creators Update version (08/25/17)

Windows 10: Microsoft promises never to repeat upgrade campaign’s ‘forced downloads’ (08/24/17) Webmaster: Now let’s all sing the tune ‘Promises, Promises, Promises” —– 

Windows 10 Insiders: Microsoft won’t tell you about known bugs anymore (08/24/17)

New Windows 10 Pro edition reveals Microsoft’s inconsistency (08/16/17)

Tightening up Windows 10 security settings (08/14/17)

Microsoft’s still trying to figure out Windows 10 support (08/14/17)

Oh, boy. Just what we need. Another edition of Windows 10, WTFCUPFWP. (08/11/17)

Windows 10 release date, features, devices, and free upgrade: Windows 10 Pro for workstations to arrive with Creators Update (08/11/17)

A year later, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free (08/10/17)

Windows as a service in a nutshell, explained (08/10/17)

Windows 10 AV changes afoot as Microsoft, Kaspersky make nice (08/10/17)

The best free antivirus protection of 2017 (08/08/17) – Webmaster: This is not a Windows 10 specific article. However, it does apply to users of all versions of Windows.

Warning, Windows 10 users! Tech support scammers have a new method for phishing attacks (08/08/17)

Microsoft fixes ‘critical’ security bugs affecting all versions of Windows (08/08/17)

Windows 10 privacy: You’re happy for us to collect  your data, says Microsoft (08/08/17)

Windows 10 build 16257: fixes Edge annoyance, introduces Eye Control (08/03/17)

Windows 10 after two years: Microsoft’s mixed report card (08/03/17)

The Eyes have it: Microsoft is building eye control into Windows 10 (08/03/17)

Windows 10: A guide to the updates (08/02/17)

Microsoft releases dozens of bug fixes for Windows 10 Creators Update, build 15063.502 (08/02/17)

July 2017

Windows 10: Five reasons to stick with Microsoft’s flagship OS (07/28/17)

Windows 10: Five reasons to avoid Microsoft’s flagship OS (07/28/17)

Microsoft’s stance on unsupported hardware adds uncertainty to Windows 10 (07/26/17) Webmaster: As the author points out, yet another good opportunity to install Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop. I wonder when, or I should say if, Microsoft will ever understand that most computer users simply want to use the software without fear of reliability. But, hey, I think that all of us already know the answer. 

Microsoft commits to eliminating Flash support in Windows by 2020 (07/25/17)

8 Things Microsoft needs to fix in Windows 10 (07/25/17)

Windows 10 is making too many PCs obsolete (07/24/17)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Removed features (07/24/17)

Windows 10 only slightly more popular than Windows XP among firms (07/24/17) Webmaster: There are quite a number of sites that track this type of information. Their findings vary greatly, to put it mildly.

Windows 10 release date, features, devices, and free upgrade: Microsoft will support Windows 10 on older PCs until 2023 (07/24/17)

Windows 10 updates: Millions of recent laptops will stop receiving new features, confirms Microsoft (07/20/17)

Windows 10 no longer supported? How to tell if your PC is eligible for the latest version (07/19/17)

Windows 10 UK review: Microsoft investigates Windows 10 upgrade issue (07/19/17)

Microsoft agrees to extend support deadline for Clover Trail PCs (07/19/17)

Microsoft cuts off Windows 10 support early for some PCs (07/17/17)

Microsoft yanks bad Outlook patches of patches KB 319849, 3213654, 401042 (07/15/17)

Windows 10’s new Fluent Design gets a smoother, sleeker look (07/14/17)

Microsoft unveils Business Subscription model for Windows, Office (07/13/17) Webmaster: This author believes the powers-that-be at Microsoft when they say that there will NEVER be a subscription package for small office, home office, and retail users. After having accumulated over two decades in the IT industry almost exclusively in support of Microsoft Windows, MS Office, and all other associated packages and having lived through so many changes that they said would ‘never’ happen I can not share this opinion. I may not live to see this at my stage of life. However, mark my word, someday it -WILL- happen and the majority will be scratching their head and wondering how it was allowed to occur. My own solution is very simple. Approximately 1.5 years ago I switched to Linux Mint Cinnamon desktop and haven’t look back. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. 

Windows 10 security: Hololens gets first Patch Tuesday fix from Microsoft (07/12/17)

Microsoft patches 19 critical vulnerabilities in Patch Tuesday (07/12/17)

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday is coming: Make sure Automatic Update is off (07/10/17)

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16237 (07/08/17)

Windows 10 release date, features, devices, and free upgrade: Next Windows 10 will miss out Timeline feature (07/07/17)

Windows 10 adoption will spur PC sales, says Gartner (07/06/17)

Windows 10: Microsoft will now prompt you to install the Creators Update (07/03/17)