Miscellaneous News

April 2018

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X review (04/19/18)

Oath’s privacy policy is a privacy nightmare (04/16/18)

AMD unveils 2nd generation AMD Ryzen processors (04/13/18)

PC Shipments fall for the 14th quarter in a row (04/12/18)

Trump signs FOSTA, igniting online censorship concerns (04/11/18)

No good deed goes unpunished (4/11/18)

Shhhh! (04/06/18) Webmaster: Yes, these are true stories. Any IT technician who has been in the profession for a while readily knows this. 🙂

Throwback Thursday: And they do this every month? (04/05/18) Webmaster: Yes, they really do this type of thing….not regularly, but it happens.

Why does it take IT so long to solve user problems? (04/04/18) Webmaster: Once had this same problem….with the CIO of the company at which I worked.

Intel Core i9-8950HK: The company’s most powerful laptop chip yet (04/03/18)

March 2018

State Department may force all US visa applicants to disclose social media accounts (03/30/18)

Playboy quits Facebook after ‘data mismanagement’ exposed user info (03/29/18)

NY AG Eric Schneiderman talks about holding Facebook accountable for violation of user privacy (03/28/18)

Foxconn buys Belkin, Linksys, and Wemo ro $866 million (03/27/18)

FTC to investigate if Facebook violated privacy settlement (03/26/18)

Craigslist pulls personal ads over controversial anti-trafficking bill (03/23/18) Webmaster: Outstanding and long overdue.

Securing Facebook: Keep your data safe with these privacy settings (03/21/18) Webmaster: I’ve repeatedly said that the very best Facebook security settings protection is to NEVER open an account. IMO, you truly don’t need one. 

AMD on chip flaws: ‘Newly outed bugs are real but no big deal, and fixes are coming’ (03/21/18)

This amputee actress’ hand is a beautiful device loaded with cool tech (03/16/18) Webmaster: As an amputee myself, I can appreciate just how precious and meaningful this is to this young lady.

Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac: The channel comparison (03/07/18) Webmaster: I can’t say that I agree with all points in this article. However, it brings up some interesting observations. Well worth reading. 

Washington becomes first state to pass its own net neutrality law in defiance of FCC (03/06/18) Webmaster: GREAT WORK! Now we need to get more states to do the same thing. 

New documents reveal FBI paid Geek Squad repair staff as informants (03/07/18)  Webmaster: Just another of many reasons that you should NEVER take your computer to Geek Squad for repair/upgrade.

Android Oreo vs. Android One vs. Android GO: All their differences explained (03/01/18)

February 2018

25 Android tips to make your phone more useful (02/23/18)

Almost half of parents say their kid is addicted to tech (02/22/18)

Samsung launches unreal 30TB SSD capable of holding anything you own (02/21/18) Webmaster: As the article says, if you have to ask you can’t afford it. 

Just say NO to Facebook Messenger Malware (02/21/18)

How one European smart city is giving power back to its citizens (02/14/18)

Some Ryzen motherboards with older firmware won’t boot with Ryzen APUs (02/14/18)

DDR4 Scaling and AMD Ryzen 5 2400G: Do higher clocks boost performance? (02/13/18)

What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence (02/12/18)

Social media ‘as dangerous as obesity’ claims Hunt (02/09/18

Throwback Thursday: Old PCs never die-we hope (02/09/18) Webmaster: WOW! I wish I had a dollar for every time in my career that I’ve encountered this same type of situation. 

Tablet sales decline for the 13th quarter in a row (02/06/18)

Report: Best Buy will stop selling music CDs July 1st (02/05/18)

Online stores are starting to offer deals to tackle inflated graphics card prices (02/02/18)

eBay dumps PayPal after 15 years together (02/01/18)

Spectre and Meltdown flaws being exploited by more than 100 strains of malware (02/01/18)

January 2018

AMD vs Spectre: Our new Zen 2 chips will be protected, says CEO (01/31/18)

Multiple vulnerabilities in 7-Zip: Get it updated now! (01/30/18)

Washington cracks down on hard-to-repair electronics (01/30/18)

Microsoft issues emergency patch to disable Intel’s broken Spectre fix (01/29/18)

Broken Malwarebytes update causes high RAM and CPU usage (01/28/18)

Intel CEO: New chips will have built-in protections against Meltdown and Spectre (01/27/18)

Hardware Security: Why fixing Meltdown and Spectre is so tough (01/26/18)

The Blue Water Metric (01/24/18) Webmaster: A bit of tech humor that I can readily believe! 

How to get started with WordPress (01/22/18)

GPU Prices skyrocket, breaking the entire DIY PC market (01/19/18)

Met Police set to finish Windows XP upgrade in May (01/18/18) Webmaster: Umm — better late than never, eh?

What is the Internet of Things? Everything you need to know about the IoT right now (01/16/18)

Gartner: IT spending to hit $3.7 trillion in 2018, driven by AI, blockchain, IoT (01/16/18)

One in six Americans now own a smart speaker (01/15/18) –Webmaster: I take no issue with these figures. However, the attraction of these devices is a mystery to me….for lots of reasons. 

Rebirth of the PC market? Holiday shipments grow for first time in 6 years (01/12/18) Webmaster: Really GREAT news!

AMD processors: Not as safe as you might have thought (01/12/18)

IBM plans to reassign 31,000 workers, will cut 10,000 positions in 2018 (01/11/18)

Trump signs executive order to boost broadband internet development in rural U.S. (01/09/18)

HP, ASUS, Acer bringing Amazon Alexa integration to laptops and desktops (01/08/18)

[README] Before you buy a hard drive (01/08/18)

The FCC thinks American broadband standards are way too fast (01/05/18)

HP recalls laptop batteries for overheating — again (01/05/18)

AT&T to provide 5G to 12 markets by end of 2018, fiber to 82 metros by 2019 (01/04/18)

Meltdown and Spectre: Tech industry responds to the CPU vulnerability affecting most chips (01/04/18)

Fix for Intel chip design flaw means slower PCs (01/03/18)

Yahoo Search becomes unusable because of ads (01/02/18) Webmaster: No surprise here. My suggestion: if you have anything ‘Yahoo’ get rid of it yesterday. 

Serious design flaw ‘affects all Intel chips from the last decade’ (01/02/18)