Miscellaneous News

November 2017

China overtakes US in TOP500 list of world’s fastest supercomputers (11/13/17)

Have you been phished? (11/13/17)

Report: 84% of IT Pros will move more workloads to the cloud by 2019 for cost savings (11/09/17)

Uber working with NASA to make flying taxis a reality (11/08/17)

How to install WordPress with LSCache, OpenLIghtSpeed, and CyberPanel (11/08/17)

SaaS leads cloud services market growth in 2017 (11/06/17) Webmaster: If you doubt where things are headed then do as Rush Limbaugh once said. Follow the money and you’ll get the real story. 

Want better photos? Try these three basic tips (11/06/17)

XaaS: Why ‘everything’ is now a service (11/01/17)

October 2017

Wildfire destroys Hewlett Packard’s 79-year history (10/30/17)

Oh, so you’ve met our mascots (10/27/17) Webmaster: Yes, folks, these things really happen to technicians, trust me! 

Walmart deploys shelf-scanning robots to free up employees to help customers (10/27/17)

Walmart turns to robots to help solve 0ut-of-stock issues (10/26/17)

How to use Rufus to create a bootable USB to install (almost) any OS (10/26/17)

AMD unveils new Ryzen chips, ‘Worlds fastest’ CPUs for ultrathin notebooks (10/26/17)

Trump administration to accelerate drone testing in the US (10/26/17)

Traditional PC sales continue to slide (10/17/17) Webmaster: Before we say that the ‘sky is falling in’ on the traditional PC, take a look at the entire article and the numbers represented. Overall, we have a very healthy market and will for quite some time to come. 

Virtual Box: Everything the pros need to know (10/16/17)

Gallery: 10 Pieces of tech in your office that can be replaced by your smartphone (10/12/17) Webmaster: Can’t say I agree with all of this but it’s an interesting concept.

Apple cleared to build $1B green energy data center in Ireland (10/12/17)

Time to switch from Yahoo to Gmail? (10/12/17) Webmaster: I would strongly suggest that all Yahoo account holders switch to Gmail as soon as possible. Best move I’ve made! 

Public cloud services revenue will hit $260B in 2017 thanks to massive SaaS and IaaS growth (10/12/17)

Zume Pizza lands $48 million in funding for robotic pizza delivery (10/09/17)

DuckDuckGo: 10 Things you didn’t know you could do (10/08/17) Webmaster: This search engine has been around awhile. Excellent alternative to Google. 

AIM shutdown: AOL Instant Messenger alternatives (10/07/17)

Intel will no longer provide Per-Core Turbo frequencies, making motherboard tuning impossible (10/06/17)

Say Farewell to AOL Instant Messenger (10/06/17)

Open-source pioneer Munich has begun its move back to Microsoft (10/02/17) Webmaster: As a strong advocate of Linux I’m disappointed to hear this news. 

September 2017

Another satisfied IT customer! (09/29/17) Webmaster: Hey, guys, does this sound familiar? 🙂 

D’oh! (09/28/17) Webmaster: A bit of ‘techie’ humor! 🙂 

Protect your PC with a free firewall (09/27/17)

The dumbest passwords people still use (09/26/17)

CCleaner Malware second payload discovered (09/21/17)

CCleaner 5.35 released with new digital signature (09/20/17)

CCleaner compromised: Better check your PC (09/18/17)

Why free VPNs are not a risk worth taking (09/18/17)

Top 5: Reasons to use a widescreen monitor (09/14/17)

74% of employees are willing to quit their job over work from home policy (09/11/17)

AMD Launches 8-core Ryzen Threadripper 1900X CPU (09/01/17)

US Judge rules that Yahoo must face litigation by data breach customers (09/01/17)

‘World’s largest microSD card revealed: 400GB Sandisk headed to Android phones and tablets (09/01/17)

Congress will vote to speed up self-driving car deployments next week (09/01/17)