Miscellaneous News

January 2018

Met Police set to finish Windows XP upgrade in May (01/18/18) Webmaster: Umm — better late than never, eh?

What is the Internet of Things? Everything you need to know about the IoT right now (01/16/18)

Gartner: IT spending to hit $3.7 trillion in 2018, driven by AI, blockchain, IoT (01/16/18)

One in six Americans now own a smart speaker (01/15/18) –Webmaster: I take no issue with these figures. However, the attraction of these devices is a mystery to me….for lots of reasons. 

Rebirth of the PC market? Holiday shipments grow for first time in 6 years (01/12/18) Webmaster: Really GREAT news!

AMD processors: Not as safe as you might have thought (01/12/18)

IBM plans to reassign 31,000 workers, will cut 10,000 positions in 2018 (01/11/18)

Trump signs executive order to boost broadband internet development in rural U.S. (01/09/18)

HP, ASUS, Acer bringing Amazon Alexa integration to laptops and desktops (01/08/18)

[README] Before you buy a hard drive (01/08/18)

The FCC thinks American broadband standards are way too fast (01/05/18)

HP recalls laptop batteries for overheating — again (01/05/18)

AT&T to provide 5G to 12 markets by end of 2018, fiber to 82 metros by 2019 (01/04/18)

Meltdown and Spectre: Tech industry responds to the CPU vulnerability affecting most chips (01/04/18)

Fix for Intel chip design flaw means slower PCs (01/03/18)

Yahoo Search becomes unusable because of ads (01/02/18) Webmaster: No surprise here. My suggestion: if you have anything ‘Yahoo’ get rid of it yesterday. 

Serious design flaw ‘affects all Intel chips from the last decade’ (01/02/18)

December 2017

AT&T may sell the Huawei Mate 10 in the US, could challenge Samsung, Apple (12/28/17)

Driverless cars: Cruise automated car crashes into a motorcyclist in San Francisco (12/22/17)

The 20 worst passwords of 2017: Did yours make the list? (12/21/17)

Smartphone portrait mode shootout: Eight phones starting at $200 challenge the $1000 Apple iPhone X (12/18/17)

Exclusive: Check out the terrible state of US ISP competition (12/15/17)

Field of digital dreams: Why MLB is betting its future on Big Data, Wi-Fi apps, and AR (12/14/17)

Trump’s FCC kills net neutrality, opening internet ‘fast lane’ to ISPs (12/14/17)

Chromebooks and Office 365 together will challenge Windows laptops (12/13/17)

Keylogger discovered on HP laptops (12/11/17)

Best cheap smartphones: $300 (or much less) buys a great holiday gift (12/08/17)

Nvidia launches $3,000 Titan V, ‘Worlds most powerful PC GPU’ (12/08/17) Webmaster: From the viewpoint of the SOHO (small office, home office) user, sheer insanity….

I built the ultimate tech travel-kit for cheap (12/07/17) Webmaster: Total cost of all components is $126

Android Oreo release date, compatibility and features (12/08/17)