Miscellaneous News

September 2017

CCleaner compromised: Better check your PC (09/18/17)

Why free VPNs are not a risk worth taking (09/18/17)

Top 5: Reasons to use a widescreen monitor (09/14/17)

74% of employees are willing to quit their job over work from home policy (09/11/17)

AMD Launches 8-core Ryzen Threadripper 1900X CPU (09/01/17)

US Judge rules that Yahoo must face litigation by data breach customers (09/01/17)

‘World’s largest microSD card revealed: 400GB Sandisk headed to Android phones and tablets (09/01/17)

Congress will vote to speed up self-driving car deployments next week (09/01/17)

August 2017

One large pizza, extra onions, hold the tech gimmicks (08/29/17)

NYPD ditching outdated Windows phones for iPhones (08/28/17)

Windows users just got yet another reason to get a Mac (08/24/17)

Remember, every demo’s REAL audience is Murphy (08/17/17)

PayPal to pull services from sites linked to hate, violence, intolerance (08/16/17)

Sometimes, bad taste matters (08/15/17)

The best mobile VPNs can insure your privacy anywhere (08/14/17)

Calling the moon: Startup to put cellphone tower on the moon (08/12/17)

Simple Misunderstanding (08/11/17) Webmaster: This just goes to prove that it sometimes doesn’t pay to mess with us old folks! 🙂 

It’s saliva!A new ultra-thin battery is powered by spit (08/11/17)

Malware can be stored in DNA, researchers warn (08/11/17)

The best office keyboards (08/11/17)

AMD or Intel: Which is the right desktop processor for you? (08/11/17)

What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know from public and private cloud to software as a service (08/10/17)

Don’t buy these 4 Windows laptops if you care about reliability, says Consumers Reports (08/10/17)

Tech soars in the Stugis motocycle rally (08/04/17)

How long will your hard drive last? (08/04/17)

Why your laptop is running so slow (08/03/17)

5 Ways to keep hackers out of your Facebook account (08/03/17)

Senators introduce bill to secure Internet of Things devices (08/01/17)