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Bradley Mitchell writes about wireless networking and networking overall. Bradley is well qualified and has vast knowledge and lengthy experience in his field. You may subscribe to a free newsletter that contains many valuable tips. Highly recommended as a trusted source.

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10 Places to Find Free Computer Networking Tutorials on the Web

Multiple courses from leading educational institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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All 2018

Stuck in a wi-fi  and broadband blackspot? Your local spire could be the answer (02/19/18)

Review: 6 Slick open-source routers (02/01/18)

Wi-Fi Alliance announces WPA3 (01/09/18)

D-Link, McAfee, and Intel partner on new router designed to secure IoT devices (01/08/18)

Linksys expands mesh Wi-Fi system with dual-band option, network monitoring, and more (01/07/18)

All 2017

The best wireless internet routers (12/22/17)

The 8 Best secure routers to buy in 2017 (09/15/17)

The best 8 wireless router brands to buy in 2017 (09/15/17) IP Address (08/02/17)

The 7 best routers to buy in 2017 (07/12/17) Webmaster: Most of these routers are dual-band, more powerful, lots of extra features, and, yes, more expensive. 

The 7 best routers to buy in 2017 for under $50 (07/12/17)

InnSpire builds a computer into an Ethernet cable (06/26/17)

The 10 Best wireless routers of 2015 (06/19/17)

The 6 best cable modems to buy in 2016 (06/08/17)

The 8 best secure routers to buy in 2017 (05/22/17)

The future of Wi-Fi: The best is yet to come (04/25/17)

Linksys routers are vulnerable to DDos attacks (04/21/17)

Travel routers are a hot mess of security flaws (04/11/17)

The 7 Best wireless routers to buy in 2017 (04/05/17)

The 7 Best routers to buy in 2017 for under $50 (04/05/17)

Think your Cisco switch is secure? Think again: Hundreds are vulnerable to a simple attack (03/22/17)

Things you should know about network routers (03/18/17)

Five network diagramming tools that live on the web (02/08/17)

Your kids will probably hate Comcast Digital Home (01/04/17)

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All 2016

What malware is on your router? (11/30/16)

Google WiFi mesh networking crushes the competition in new test (11/23/16)

Apple kills wireless routers: Here are the alternatives for professionals and SMBs (11/21/16)

Wi-Fi makers’ profit problem (10/24/16)

How to protect your home network – Q & A (10/22/16)

The best network monitoring software of 2015 (08/31/16)

Wi-Fi speeds could triple and range double thank to MIT breakthrough (08/25/16)

Review: 6 Slick open source routers (08/16/16)

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