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A Refresher on Basics of Computer Networking

Introduction to LANs, WANs, and other area networks (04/07/17)

Networking with a router (11/30/16)

Introduction to computer network speed (04/08/17)

Introduction to Wi-Fi wireless networking (04/24/17)

Introduction to Wi-Fi network security (09/18/16)

Choosing the best Wi-Fi wireless channels for your network (04/07/17)

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Internet and Networking for advanced learning 

Basics (06/01/17)

Guides & Tutorials (06/01/17)

Installing & Upgrading (06/01/17)

Tips & Tricks (06/01/17)

Key Concepts (06/01/17)

All 2018

Understanding Wi-Fi and how it works (03/06/18)

Router default passwords for Windows (02/22/18)

Secure your Wi-Fi against hackers in ten steps (02/06/18

The 8 Best routers with the longest range (01/22/18)

Computer ports and their role in networking (01/22/18) Webmaster: Originally posted in 08/17. However, very relevant and good information to know. 

Troubleshooting home network router problems (01/06/18)

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All 2017

How to enable your router’s built-in firewall (12/03/17)

Researchers use aluminum foil to boost Wi-Fi performance (11/08/17)

How to properly restart a router and modem (09/29/17)

Computer ports and their role in networking (08/25/17)

11 Networking commands every Windows admin should know (08/07/17)

Best AC1200 (802.11AC) Wi-Fi range extenders for home networks (06/26/17)

7 Must-have network tools (06/15/17)

What does actually mean? (06/01/17 – The above link contains a series of articles by Bradley Mitchell that is very comprehensive. Well worth your time to read. 

Before you buy a Wireless Internet Router (06/13/17)

Common misconceptions about computer networks (12/09/15)  (05/27/17)

10 Ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal (05/16/17)

How to double your internet speed with one settings change (05/04/17)

Tips for troubleshooting slow internet connections at home (04/07/17)

How to fix ‘Network Cable Unplugged Error’ in Windows (03/20/17)

10 Wireless home network security tips  (03/15/17) Default router IP address (03/12/17)

Introduction to network cables & cable types (03/10/17)

Surprising facts about home network routers (02/27/17)

Surprising facts about Home Network routers (02/27/17)

How to boost a Wi-Fi signal – Extend a wireless network (02/24/17)

How to enable your wireless router’s built-in firewall & more (02/08/17)

Routers – Home and business router information (02/08/17)

Lost network connection – Dropped Wi-Fi Connections (01/07/17)

The author lists six reasons that most network connections have problems. At least two solutions for each of the six points are offered.

Lost network connection – Dropped Wi-Fi connection (01/01/17) 

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All 2016

The best wireless routers of 2017 (12/24/16) – by PCMag.Com

The best wireless routers of 2017 (12/24/16) – by PCMag.Com

Can two routers be used on the same home network? (12/23/16)

Can two routers be used on the same home network? (12/23/16)

DIY: Extending Wi-Fi throughout your house (11/30/16)

How to boost your laptop’s wi-fi reception (11/02/16)

Best of Freedom Penguin for 11/17/16 – More Networking Tricks (11/17/16)

Denial of service definitions – DoS and DDoS (10/25/16)

How to change DNS server settings on home computer networks (10/06/16)

Essential settings for home network routers (09/18/16)

Introduction to wireless internet services (09/17/16)

Review: 5 Open source alternatives for routers/firewalls (09/12/16)

What is 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and how much faster than 8902.11n is it? (08/22/16)

The hacking toolkit: 13 Essential network security utilities (08/11/16)

Five tools for finding out what’s on your network (03/17/16)

Three of the five applications are free.

Learn network cabling basics with these first-rate Android apps (03/02/16)

Locate devices on your wireless network in seconds with Fing (02/10/16)

Network-attached storage: The smart person’s guide  (02/01/16)

Wifi HistoryView lists all wireless connections your PC made (01/07/16)

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All 2015

Windows 10: Display 30-days worth of network activity (12/25/15)

How to detect & defeat Wi-Fi intruders (12/22/15)

IPv6: The smart person’s guide (12/09/15)

Five super-easy IP traffic monitoring tools (11/14/15)

5 Free apps for turning your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot (11/14/15)

7 Router features you should be using for better Wi-Fi (11/03/15)

Softchoice: Most corporate networks in the need of an overhaul (09/21/15)

Webmaster comment: There is an excellent example in this article for corporate and small office home office users as well. While no one likes spending money needlessly it all comes to the point that if we don’t keep our software and hardware up-to-date then we can expect to have problems with our computer and network systems. By reason of neglect you have opened the door to massive and probable intrusive issues. As the tried and true saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Bossie Awards 2015: The best open source networking and security software (09/16/15)

Screenshots: Create your own Wi-Fi hotspot with the help of these five free tools (08/08/15)

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Older Tips

Teach your router new tricks with DD-WRT or OpenWRT (05/28/14)

10 Biggest home networking mistakes (and how to fix them) (07/11/13)

This is an excellent article by Keith Shaw of Network World magazine. It contains a great deal of useful information and, if read thoroughly, will provide additional food for thought. Network World also offers free newsletters on thirty different topics concerning networking.

Wireshark makes locating bandwidth issues easy (12/15/12)

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