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Let’s face it. Software has holes. And hackers love to exploit them. New vulnerabilities appear almost daily. If you have software – we all do – you need to keep tabs on the latest vulnerabilities. 

This page is devoted almost in it’s entirety to those who use the Microsoft Windows operating system. Linux and Apple users rarely if ever experience the type of problems that will be represented in these news articles.

Security News

September 2017

Twitter suspends 299,000 accounts linked to terrorism in past six months (09/19/17)

Malware hits PC cleanup tool CCleaner (09/18/17) Note: This issue has been patched & the distribution server has been shut down.

Yet another trove of US voter records has leaked (09/14/17)

Report: Android cybersecurity attacks up 40%, here are the top 3 threats (09/11/17)

Mexican tax refund firm MoneyBack leaks thousands of passports and credit cards (09/07/17)

Credit rating giant Equifax admits hack: as many as 143 million affected (09/07/17)

26,000 Unsecured MongoDB servers hit by ransomware (09/06/17)

Router flaws put AT&T customers at hacking risk (09/04/17)

Top 5 unbelievable but true ways to get hacked (09/04/17)  Webmaster: 2.5 minute YouTube video. You will be amazed. 

Data from ‘six million’ Instagram accounts leak online (09/04/17)

Princess ransomware targets hacked websites via RIG exploit kit (09/01/17)

August 2017

A server hosting dozens of popular file converter sites has been hacked (08/31/17)

FDA requires firmware update for hackable heart implants from St. Jude Medical (08/30/17)

Two million shoppers told to change their passwords after tech retailer is hacked (08/30/17)

‘House of Cards’ literary agent exposes gigabytes of sensitive client files (08/30/17)

The rise of Ransomware-as-a-service (08/29/17)

711 Million email addresses ensnared in ‘Largest ‘ spambot (08/29/17)

10 Online accounts that should have Two-factor Authentication (08/25/17)

The current state of government cybersecurity is ‘grim,’ report says (08/24/17)

The ransomware threat in numbers (08/22/17)

Over 500 Android apps with a combined 100 million downloads found to secretly contain spyware (08/22/17)

Windows Security: Cryptocurrency miner malware is enslaving PCs with EternalBlue (08/22/17)

Linkedin exploit ‘left millions exposed’ to malware (08/21/17)

Exploit leaks led to 5M cybersecurity attacks in Q2, report says (08/16/17)

How a one man hacking operation was able to infiltrate international firms (08/15/17)

Hundreds of IoT smart locks bricked by bad update, leaving customers stranded (08/15/17)

Microsoft Office users beware: New malware comes through PowerPoint email attachment (08/14/17)

New Trojan malware campaign sends users to fake banking site that looks just like the real thing (08/14/17)

Microsoft Office users beware: New malware comes through PowerPoint email attachment (08/14/17)

Researchers can now can now hack at PC with malware stored on synthetic DNA (08/10/14)

10 Bad habits cybersecurity professionals must break (08/10/17)

Ransomeware becomes even nastier: Destruction, not profit, becomes the real aim (08/09/17)

Report: Destructive malware and cyberattacks on the rise in 2017 (08/08/17)

AI vs AI: New algorithm automatically bypasses your best cybersecurity defenses (08/02/17)

Massive DDos attack lasts for 277 hours, highlighting growth of extended attacks on businesses (08/02/17)

Security flaw made 175,000 IoT cameras vulnerable to becoming spycams for hackers (08/01/17)



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