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Let’s face it. Software has holes. And hackers love to exploit them. New vulnerabilities appear almost daily. If you have software – we all do – you need to keep tabs on the latest vulnerabilities. 

This page is devoted almost in it’s entirety to those who use the Microsoft Windows operating system. Linux and Apple users rarely if ever experience the type of problems that will be represented in these news articles.

Security News

November 2017

Android beats iOS and Windows as least-secure mobile OS, Nokia reports (11/14/17)

New Locky Ransomware takes another turn (11/10/17)

Customers punish breached companies (11/10/17)

Eavesdropper Bug exposes millions of texts, calls (11/09/17)

Data breach record exposure up 305% from 2016 (11/08/17)

Android security triple-whammy: New attack combines phishing, malware, and data theft (11/06/17)

What’s safer: Macs or PCs? (11/02/17)  Webmaster: Hint: Mac, but Linux is safer by far. 

October 2017

The top 10 worst ransomware attacks of 2017, so far (10/31/17)

Report: Malicious email attacks jump 85% in Q3 (10/26/17)

Nearly undetectable Microsoft Office exploit installs malware without an email attachment (10/24/17)

Bad Rabbit ransomware: A new variant of Petya is spreading, warn researchers (10/24/17)

After quietly infecting a million devices, Reaper botnet set to become worse than Mirai (10/24/17)

Here’s every patch for KRACK wi-fi vulnerability available right now (10/17/17)

Apple and Google begin patching ‘devastating’ Wi-Fi exploit (10/17/17)

NHS Ransomware: Microsoft says North Korea was being WannaCry attack (10/16/17)

All Wi-Fi devices exposed by ‘devastating’ WPA2 exploit (10/16/17)

Equifax data breach: Nearly 700,000 Brits affected by Equifax breach (10/11/17)

FDIC hit by 50+ breaches in two years (10/06/17)

Microsoft see 300% increase in cyberattacks in the last year (10/04/17)

All of Yahoo’s 3B accounts were hacked back in 2013: Here’s how to protect yourself (10/04/17)

Cybersecurity nightmare continues: 2.5 million more US consumers impacted by Equifax data breach (10/03/17)

Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts hit by 2013 attack (10/03/17) Webmaster: In a word, inexcusable. IMO, Verizon will never straighten out the mess. For the users, I hope I’m wrong.

September 2017

Gallery: 10 of the most dangerous malware threats on the internet today (09/28/17)

Redboot: A new ransomware that can encrypt and re-partition your hard drive – permanently (09/27/17)

SEC victim of hacking, filing system breached (09/21/17)

Twitter suspends 299,000 accounts linked to terrorism in past six months (09/19/17)

Malware hits PC cleanup tool CCleaner (09/18/17) Note: This issue has been patched & the distribution server has been shut down.

Yet another trove of US voter records has leaked (09/14/17)

Report: Android cybersecurity attacks up 40%, here are the top 3 threats (09/11/17)

Mexican tax refund firm MoneyBack leaks thousands of passports and credit cards (09/07/17)

Credit rating giant Equifax admits hack: as many as 143 million affected (09/07/17)

26,000 Unsecured MongoDB servers hit by ransomware (09/06/17)

Router flaws put AT&T customers at hacking risk (09/04/17)

Top 5 unbelievable but true ways to get hacked (09/04/17)  Webmaster: 2.5 minute YouTube video. You will be amazed. 

Data from ‘six million’ Instagram accounts leak online (09/04/17)

Princess ransomware targets hacked websites via RIG exploit kit (09/01/17)

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