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Let’s face it. Software has holes. And hackers love to exploit them. New vulnerabilities appear almost daily. If you have software – we all do – you need to keep tabs on the latest vulnerabilities. 

This page is devoted almost in it’s entirety to those who use the Microsoft Windows operating system. Linux and Apple users rarely if ever experience the type of problems that will be represented in these news articles.

Security News

January 2018

Cyberattacks are the third largest threat to global society over next five years (01/17/18)

Kaspersky Lab warns of extremely sophisticated Android spyware tool (01/16/18)

CIA: Russian military hackers behind NotPetya attack (01/16/18)

New cryptocurrency mining malware has links to North Korea (01/08/18)

Fileless malware is targeting the 2018 Winter Olympics using brand new tools (01/08/18)

The nightmare before Christmas: Security flaws inside our computers (01/06/18)

More than 91% of files breached in 2017 were controlled by business enterprises (01/06/18)

Android security: Flashlight apps on Google Play infested with adware were downloaded by 1.5 people (01/05/18)

New ransomware headache as crooks dump bitcoin for rival cryptocurrencies (01/03/18)

Ransomware and DoS attacks will continue to grow in 2018 (01/02/18)

Hackers who disabled police cameras prior to Trump inauguration left trail of clues (01/02/18)

Forever 21 found malware and encryption disabled on its PoS devices (01/02/18)

December 2017

17 Things we should have learned in 2017, but probably didn’t (12/29/17)

Fileless malware attacks hit milestone in 2017 (12/21/17)

US Census Bureau: Data exposed in Alteryx leak already public (12/21/17)

BlueBorne attack highlights flaws in Linux, IoT security (12/14/17)

Gartner: IT security spending to reach $96 billion in 2018 (12/08/17)

Conficker: The worm that won’t die (12/07/17)

A popular virtual keyboard app leaks 31 million users’ personal data (12/05/17)

FBI, Europol, Microsoft, ESET team up, dismantle one of the world’s largest malware operations (12/04/17)

Hacked IV pumps and digital smart pens can lead to data breaches (12/04/17)


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