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Have you ever become so frustrated with Microsoft Windows that you were ready to tear your hair out? Windows is always prompting you to upgrade your system. Popups giving you erroneous warnings about viruses and malware that aren’t there but are designed to steal your hard earned dollars and people from websites whose only purpose is to cheat you out of the money in your bank account are only the beginning. Then there is the time that weekly diligent maintenance requires to keep your Microsoft Windows computer running at peak efficiency. As if that isn’t enough, we now have Microsoft Corporation making the boldest possible attempts to foist Windows 10 on you whether you want it or not!

If you have had this level of anguish with Microsoft Windows, as I have, then I suggest you consider making the move to Linux Mint. I do not make this recommendation lightly.

After professionally supporting Microsoft Windows and Microsoft products for over twenty-five years, I finally lost all patience with the Windows operating systems. I have recently installed Linux on all of my systems. It has been smooth sailing so far. I can honestly say that for the first time in quite a while I’m actually enjoying using a computer again. For me, that is a huge statement.

Take a few minutes to watch the videos and read the articles below and see what Linux is all about. You might find that you are curious enough to know more. If you have any questions leave me a message and I’ll be happy to respond.

What Linux Is All About

5 Fundamental differences between Windows 10 and Linux – by Jack Wallen, TechRepublic.Com Linux Consultant

What is Linux – A Beginners Guide 

Six Reasons Why You Should Use Linux – YouTube 17:28 minute video – by Joe Collins – Excellent video

Ten things I love about Linux – YouTube 26 minute video – by Joe Collins – Excellent video

Are you ready for Linux? – By Joe Collins posted on Freedom Penquin

Top 5 reasons why EVERYONE should try Linux – YouTube 8:16 minute video by Adam Taylor – Great video

WannaCrypt makes an easy case for Linux – by Jack Wallen, Technical writer & Linux consultant for Techrepublic.Com and others

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Mint Linux Web Site (Recommended distribution for novice and intermediate users)

Linux Mint is an operating system that is based on Ubuntu. I have included mention of this distribution as I feel that for those who are currently using or soon will be moving away from earlier versions of Windows, the Cinnamon desktop will afford you a closer look and feel that you will find comfortable.

For excellent tutorials on Linux Mint go to YouTube and subscribe to the Linux channel by Joe Collins. His many ‘how-to’ videos are really tremendous, based on years of experience in the IT industry and with Linux in particular. His delivery is superb based on the fact that he was in the radio broadcasting industry for twenty years. Easy to understand, very thorough, and extremely accurate. He is an extremely gifted educator who always offers lessons with substance and high value.

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Ubuntu Linux Web Site

Ubuntu Linux has many “how-to” articles, YouTube videos, and many web sites to which to refer when seeking training for Linux. Ubuntu contains many software packages that are completely free.

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