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I do not offer personal tech support since it is simply too time consuming for me to do. I have found over the years that whatever type of problem you are having has almost certainly  been duplicated by many others. I have posted links to several well known and long serving free tech support forums so that you can solve your problem easily. As always, thanks for visiting this site. I sincerely appreciate it. 

You might be required to register before you can post a question in the event that you don’t find the answer.  There is no cost to use the forums but most will be happy to accept a donation in order to help defray their operating expenses.

Microsoft Support: What can we help you with? This site can give you help on many Microsoft topics. They have many solutions to a very large number of issues. Check with them for Microsoft problems.

5 Star Online Tech Support Forum
This site contains discussion areas on computer hardware, computer software, computer security, internet browsing, and a general topic area as well.

Bleeping Computer Forum
The Bleeping Computer forum offers discussion topic areas on Microsoft, Linux, and Mac operating systems as well as internal and external hardware. Other discussion & question categories include software, internet & networking, security, gaming, gadgets, and more.

Computer Hope Forum
The Computer Hope Forum has discussion areas on Microsoft Windows, computer hardware, computer software, internet and networking, and other additional topics.

Gizmo’s Free Tech Support Forums
Gizmo’s is primarily a software review site with hundreds of choices in many categories of free software. There are multiple discussion areas on this site.

Tech Support Forums
Discussion areas on this forum include Microsoft support, hardware support, Linux support, networking support, and many others.

The How-to Geek Forum
The How-to-Geek has hundreds of question and answer topics on Microsoft operating systems, Microsoft Office applications, Linux, and general hardware and software issues. Once you find the article that addesses your problem, it will give you step-by-step directions to correct your computer problem.

The Tech Support Guy Forum
The Tech Support Guy has discussion areas that address security and malware removal, software and hardware, operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac, internet and networking, and general discussion categories.