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“A computer is like air conditioning – it becomes useless once you open Windows.”
—- Linus Torvalds


Linux News

Linux News

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September 2017

How to create a Bootable Windows 10 USB in Linux (09/19/17)

First Linux 4.14 release adds “very core” features, arrives in time for kernel’s 26th birthday (09/18/17)

Fake a Hollywood Hacker screen in Linux Terminal (09/15/17)

StationX announces new laptop customized for Manjaro Linux (09/13/17)

Hands On: Keeping a very old laptop useful with Linux (09/11/17)

Review: Ubuntu LTS 16.04.02 has a long shelf life (09/05/17)

Desktop Linux now has it’s highest market share ever (09/05/17)

9 Amazing facts about SUSE Linux you should know (09/02/17)

So what can you actually do with Linux? A guide for beginners (09/01/17)

August 2017

No strategic for Canonical, says says Mark Shuttleworth (08/23/17)

Windows vs Linux: What’s the best operating system? (08/20/17)

The Ups and downs of 20 years with the GNOME desktop (08/16/17)

Station X is making gorgeous Linux computers (08/11/17)

Linux Mint 18.2: Still the best Linux desktop (08/10/17)

28 Things to do after a fresh installation of Fedora 26 workstation (08/01/17)

The most important corporate server Linux gets refreshed: Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.4 (08/01/17)

July 2017

A brief look at ‘sudo’ for beginners in Linux (07/31/17)

LibreOffice 5.4 free cross-platform office suite is out (07/28/17)

Why Evolution should be the default Linux email client (07/26/17)

10 Linux tips to help you get the most out of open source OS (07/20/17)

Mageia 6 released: Features and installation (07/20/17)

Meet Nitrux: The most beautiful Linux distribution ever (07/19/17)

Open source is taking over Europe! (07/16/17)

Linux Foundation offers free introduction to Kubernetes class (07/12/17)

Fedora 26 is released! Check out the new features (07/12/17)

Debian reveals bug that causes unpredictable system behavior in some Intel processors (07/06/17)

Debian GNU/Linux: Jessie is out, Stretch is in, Buster is started (07/06/17)

Will Pop!_OS strengthen or harm System 76? (07/05/17)

Linux Kernel 4.12 is out! These are the most important features (07/03/17)

Linux Mint 18.2 arrives: Here’s what to look out for (07/03/0\17)

Linux Mint 18.2 released (07/03/17)

Linux just got one of it’s biggest kernel updates yet says Linux Torvalds (07/03/17)

6 Best VPN Services with lifetime subscription (07/03/17)

June 2017

Linux’s systemd vulnerable to DNS server attack (06/29/17)

The benefits of Linux servers (06/28/17)

Linux is running on almost all of the Top 500 supercomputers (06/24/17)

Finally! WPS Office has a new release for Linux (06/15/17) Webmaster: Based on personal experience I recommend this productivity suite highly. Second only to Libre Office. 

Ubuntu 17.10: Finally, and exciting Ubuntu release (06/14/17)

How to use Linux’s built-in USB protection (06/14/17)

Why the largest companies in the world count on Linux servers (06/13/17)

How to know the version of application before installing in Ubuntu (06/10/17)

How to get rid of the system crash popup in Ubuntu Linux (06/07/17)

Bodhi Linux 4.2.0 released, drops support for 32 bit PAE hardware (06/05/17)

Why you must patch the new Linux sudo security hole (06/05/17)

How to protect Samba from the SambaCry exploit (06/01/17)

May 2017

5 Myths about Linux that scares away new users (05/29/17)

It’s not just Windows anymore; Samba has a major SMB bug (05/26/17)

5 Rock-solid Linux distros for developers (05/21/17)

Linux Mint 18.2 Ubuntu-based operating system is named ‘Sonya’ (05/20/17)

WannaCrypt makes an easy case for Linux (05/18/17)

A comparison of GNU/Linux Dock Applications (05/16/17)

VLC Media Player released (05/13/17)

Tips for picking a GNU/Linux distribution (05/10/17)

Webmaster: This author has some excellent points to consider in reference to selecting a version of Linux that will suit your needs. He prefers ARCH, however, that is a personal preference on his part. Especially for new users who have been using Windows in the past, I highly recommend Linux Mint w/Cinnamon desktop. Stable, user friendly, and a breeze to install and use. 

Thunderbird’s new home is .. The Mozilla Foundation (05/09/17)

Canonical starts IPO path (05/08/17)

Kali Linux review: Not everyone’s cup of tea (05/03/17)

Linux kernel 4.11 released (05/01/17)

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Linux Mint Monthly Blog

The Linux Mint Blog – July, 2017 (07/31/17)

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Ubuntu Linux Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to the weekly Ubuntu newsletter #519 (09/05/17)

Welcome to the weekly Ubuntu newsletter #518 (09/04/17)

Welcome to the weekly Ubuntu newsletter #517 (08/22/17)

Welome to the weekly Ubuntu newsletter #516 (08/15/17)

Welcome to the weekly Ubuntu newsletter #515 (08/01/17)

Welcome to the weekly Ubuntu newsletter #514 (07/17/17)

Welcome to the weekly Ubuntu newsletter #513 (07/03/17)


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Linux Podcast Sites

7 Podcasts that a Linux user should follow – #1 on the list, The Linux Action Show, is no longer being broadcast

mintCast – The podcast by the Linux Mint community for all users of Linux

Ubuntu Podcast – For all users of Ubuntu Linux

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Miscellaneous Articles 

LibreOffice’s interface gets a long overdue makeover (01/03/17)

Dedicated FOSS computer lab at IIT Bombay (12/13/16)

Linux Mint 18: Fresher than ever (08/09/16)

Our first look at Linux Mint Cinnamon 18 (07/25/16)

Linux Mint v17.3 Cinnamon Review (12/14/15)

Turnkey Linux 14: Small business server Linux made easy (09/25/15)

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